10 year plan to cure Mental Illness

President John F. Kennedy proclaimed a 10 year mission to get to the moon.  It was achieved.  Now, his nephew, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy is involved in a 10 year plan to cure Mental Illness.  He is a founder of One Mind For Research,  www.1mind4research.org  which has put together an all star team of public, private, scientific and medical leaders to address mental health issues and find cures.   In addition to Patrick Kennedy joining our show, LACDMH’s PIO Kathleen Piche’ interviews Steven Hyman, former Harvard Provost and National Institute of Mental Health President as well as Johnson and Johnson’s  Global Therapeutic Head for  Neuroscience  Husseini Manji.    This is the real deal…find out more about making mental illness cures a reality in these interviews on location at the Staglin Family Music Festival for Mental Health in September.  Find out more about the Mental Health Festival at  www.imhro.org

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