Radio Shows

Our syndicated Radio Show is all about having healthy minds, bodies and lives. We have wonderful guests including celebrities, elected officials and expert special guests.

We also have guest hosts like our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action segment with Jennifer Whitney which features a new inspirational success story from across California.

Past guests have included some of our favorite “inspirations” such as:

Tom Hanks Glenn Close
Marianne Williamson Mariel Hemingway
Maurice Benard California State Senator Darrell Steinberg
Mariette Hartley Joey Pantoliano
Robert David Hall Mia St. John
Congressman Patrick Kennedy Christopher Kennedy Lawford

And many, many more psychiatrists, doctors, celebrities, and inspirational stories!

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Radio Shows

Life Adjustment Team

On this week’s "Free Your Mind Projects Radio Show", the conversation will focus on mental health support systems.  Pete Linnett is the executive director and founder of the Life Adjustment Team which provides in-home structure and support systems to its mental health clients.  The Life Adjustment Team provides one-on-one help and assists clients in achieving [...]

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Recognizing a realistic “voice”

Recognizing a realistic "voice" for the portrayal of Mental Illness in entertainment is what the Voice Awards presented by SAMHSA is all about.  Prior Voice Award winner (and Emmy winning Director) Paris Barclay discusses why the awards are important and why he is proud of the accomplishments of such shows he has directed such as [...]

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Congresswoman Grace Napolitano

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, a true inspirational hero and fighting advocate for mental health issues joins us to talk about the Mental Health in Schools Act as well as what YOU can do to make sure that impactful programs like these are saved!  For more about Congresswoman Napolitano, click here.

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Autism. What are the signs?

Vivian Alvarez and Gita Cugley from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health join our show to discuss Autism.  What are the signs?  What are the treatments?  Interesting and up to date information is discussed.   For additional information, check out

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