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Our syndicated Radio Show is all about having healthy minds, bodies and lives. We have wonderful guests including celebrities, elected officials and expert special guests.

We also have guest hosts like our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action segment with Jennifer Whitney which features a new inspirational success story from across California.

Past guests have included some of our favorite “inspirations” such as:

Tom Hanks Glenn Close
Marianne Williamson Mariel Hemingway
Maurice Benard California State Senator Darrell Steinberg
Mariette Hartley Joey Pantoliano
Robert David Hall Mia St. John
Congressman Patrick Kennedy Christopher Kennedy Lawford

And many, many more psychiatrists, doctors, celebrities, and inspirational stories!

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Radio Shows

From Homeless To Hopeful And Way Beyond! The Exceptionally Inspirational Nettie Shares Her Story! Lot’s Going On In The IE! Bill Brenneman Joins Jennifer Whitney On Our Prop. 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment!

Meet Nettie.  Listen to her story.   If you are on a recovery journey, and who isn’t,  this is inspiration that is very helpful.  Nettie has overcome so many things in her young life and you might be surprised at the difference a simple gesture made to turn her life around.   Have you seen the campaign [...]

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Training Your Brain With Lumosity! Meet The MHSOAC’s Commissioner Gordon!

Doing curls with your Amygdala?  Cross training with the Medulla Oblongata? You can do it!   Co-Founder Michael Scanlon and VP of Research Joe Hardy of  join us to talk about literally training your brain.  How does it work?  What does it help?  How did the company get started?   Joining Jennifer Whitney is David Gordon,  [...]

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Number 15 For Your Los Angeles Lakers: Metta World Peace Sinking A Three For Mental Health! Metta Joins The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s Dr. Marvin Southard On Stage At Washington Prep. High School. Michael Lazar and Lisa Stone Of Transitional Living and Community Services Join Jennifer Whitney On Our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment!

Metta World Peace is well known to NBA fans,  and though beloved by the fans on the teams on which he plays,  Metta’s physical style of play has not always been popular with opposing teams or their fans.  But everyone can agree that Metta’s tireless efforts on behalf of erasing the stigma of mental health,  [...]

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On The Road At The Inaugural Stigma Reduction Conference In San Francisco with Dr. Patrick Corrigan Who Talks Anti-Stigma Research and Strategies. Dr. David Pating, Chief Addiction Medicine Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, and Dr. Deborah Lee, Consulting Psychologist Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission Talk About Anger with Jennifer Whitney.

The Free Your Mind Projects were invited to join Kathleen Piche’ and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health in a presentation about using media in a creative manner to increase discussion and decrease stigma surrounding mental illness at the Conference put on by the Mental Health Association of San Francisco.   We spoke with [...]

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