A Break From Technology Is Good For You!

It’s tempting to be on the Internet when total access to information (and fun) is at your disposal. It is also easy to make the excuse that you are taking care of yourself by spending time using technology for personal use. It may be the case that you are using technology for professional use, outside of your actual working hours, to get ahead with business affairs.

However, when you are in a totally plugged-in world, there is a fine line between using technology as a de-stressor, and having technology take over your life and depriving you of much needed rest.

What you may consider to be preparation for work the next day could, in fact, backfire on you. Staying up late to answer emails, for instance, and going above-and-beyond with work is admirable, but it could leave you too sleep-deprived to function at your best the next day in the office.

In addition, being plugged in at work can be a distraction too. There are so many sites to visit and so much news to catch up on, how can it not be tempting to always use technology?

However, technology just puts your body and mind on overload, which is not necessarily healthy. It is inevitable that you become stuck in a chair as you become absorbed in your screen, leading to an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle.

The only way to refresh is to take time to step away from it all. Not only does technology take time away for yourself when you are at home, but it also takes time away from your family. You and your partner may be physically present and together, yet your minds are engrossed in your work or online game because of your unlimited access to technology.

To avoid falling into this routine, it is important to set boundaries for yourself and your co-workers. Don’t be afraid to let them be aware of your operating hours. Clue them in that this is for their benefit as well – they won’t have to deal with the stress of responding to your messages if you’re unplugged!

Some studies even point out that countless hours of focus on your screen can lead to depression. Before it turns into a serious health problem, break away from the cycle of your technology addiction by telling yourself it is completely acceptable that you don’t need to attend to every minute detail for work all in one night.

Using technology usually requires an individual to spend more time indoors and less time outside. Fresh air as a wake-me-up from your virtual world is needed every now and then. Avoiding the use of technology for a day will give you time to try those new hobbies or read that book you have been meaning to get to.

So, go ahead and disconnect from the online world to spend some time outdoors to stop and smell the roses. The fact that you are reading this article is a sign of the resourcefulness of the Internet and benefits of technology, but do not make it come with the price of ruining your health.



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