Art With Impact and Dr. David Pating

Screenshot from Art With Impact filmWe go to college for this week’s Free Your Mind Projects Show.

We interview “Art With Impact” as they work on busting mental health stigma and also from Kaiser, Dr. David Pating discusses college students and brain development.

Art With Impact has created a mental health film short contest with the goal of raising awareness of mental illness and what people can do, particularly on college campuses. The organization will be hosting screenings with the submitted films on campuses throughout California and kicked off the campaign recently at DeAnza College in Cupertino. The events bring out local providers and resources such as the Suicide Prevention Office in Santa Clara County and the Bill Wilson Center also in SCC. Join Cary McQueen Morrow, the Executive Director of Art with Impact and Elena Tindall from the Santa Clara County Office of Suicide Prevention and Angela Hill of the Bill Wilson Center talk about the importance of unique, creative events like this. We stay on campus this week with our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action segment with Jennifer Whitney as Jen is joined by Kaiser Permanente Chief Addiction Medicine and Mental Health Services Act Oversight and Accountability Commisioner Dr. David Pating. Dr. Pating and Jennifer discuss drinking on college campuses. Is it an epidemic? Dr. Pating also explains the development of the brain by age range. Why do insurance companies give you a break on your car insurance after 25? Find out!

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Show Recap:

Cari McQueen Morro of Art with Impact

  • Art with Impact has a wide range of participants. The people who watched took notes, watched actively.
  • It really takes someone to get involved to really understand the message they are trying to show
  • Anyone can submit a film as long as its about mental health. One film was even a cartoon!

Elena Tindle

  • Santa Clara County
  • There are myths that if you talk about suicide, someone might go out and do it. This is not true. Engaging in the person and checking in makes a huge difference
  • Twice as many people die from suicide as they do from natural causes.
  • It is not true that if you prevent someone from committing suicide once, they will just do it later. Help those in trouble because it can make a difference.

Angela Hill

  • Program manager at Bill Wilson Center. It is an underage to 25 year mental health facility.
  • It is a great outlet to help youth find themselves. Rehab services, support.
  • Art with Impact helps everyone realize that everyone has something. Everyone needs to be open-minded, to listen and to understand others.

Prop 63 Action Segment-

  • Dr. David Pating on College Drinking
  • College Drinking has become a huge issue lately.
  • About 50% of college students that drink consume more than 5 drinks at a time. This is considered binge drinking.
  • Dr. Pating is worried that these students that are binge-drinking will develop a problem and may drop out of school and hurt their futures.
  • The younger you start binge drinking, the better chance you have of developing a problem
  • By age 25, young adults decrease their drinking to normal amounts.
  • The front part of your brain helps you to think through consequences. This does not mature until you are 25. This is why car dealerships do not let you rent a car until this age.
  • Parents can help by staying connected to their young adult children while they are away in college. It is important for them to know that there is love and support at home.

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