Bath Salts, Cannibals and Zombies…

Over a year ago we wrote the post below on the increasing number of incidents concerning bath salts (see below).  Now it’s just getting worse.  As of this post there have been about 4 cases of Cannibalism and many more suicides and psychotic episodes occurring all over the country.   Many people who are apprehended or questioned appear to be in a “zombie like” state.  They are unable to proffer any coherent information.

These aren’t just any bath salts: they mimic cocaine’s effects but often cause violent behavior.   They can be found in many shops where drug paraphernalia are sold so they are easily accessible to many people unless your state has banned them.  Even then, there are often ways to procure this contraband easily.

The fact is that although they have been banned, many of these “salts” are still around.  Parents beware and look out for strange behaviors (as if you didn’t have enough to worry about).  The problem with this drug is that it is far more often associated with the violent and suicidal behaviors than other drugs and there is still more to learn about its effects.

Just be careful out there, some of our worst TV horror shows seem to be coming true….

(The following was Posted May 31, 2011):

I’m writing this post because we learned that there is a new epidemic of drug use out there and we’re hoping to reach out to parents to warn them.  New “bath salts” are being sold in drug paraphernalia shops all over the country.
Although they claim to be for baths, it’s well-known by kids and the store owners that these are used to sniff and get high.
There have been 2,700 cases coming through the Emergency Rooms.  Sixty five cases were in one small town in Marquette, in the upper peninsula in Michigan.  The  alarming  fact here is that many of the users of this new “drug” are hallucinating badly.  For many of them that start to “lose it” and think there is no end to the terrible hallucinations, some are turning to suicide as a way out.   An ER doctor in a mid-sized town said he sees about 3 of these cases everyday now and that it’s the fastest growing drug used for abuse that he’s seen in his career.
Be aware:  these “bath salts” are dangerous in so many ways.  The labeling says “not for human consumption” but they all know what they’re used for.   Take a look at what’s in your kid’s pockets.  It often can come in a small round tin that looks like a lip gloss tin.  If you see anything like this, it’s time to tell them the facts and get help before they too become a victim of this new designer drug.
Drug Rehab Hotline:  1-(855)-HOPE-NOW   1-(855)-467-3669
Suicide Prevention Hotline:  1-800- 273 – TALK (24/7 availability) 
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