Brian shows improvement and moves home

I first met “Brian” in November 2009 when called to our local hospital for an emergency mental health assessment. He was a large young man who was presenting self-injurious behavior after being unable to contain safely at his home with his uncle. Eventually he was removed from his home and placed in a group home in San Jose for further services. His first placement in 2010 was lower than a level 12 placement and he quickly needed to escalate service to a Level 12 group home. Within 6 months he was referred to a Level 14 setting. He remained at that level of treatment for over 2 years where he did very well. He moved to a second Level 14 group home in another county, where he lasted less than 2 weeks and the last stay was in a third county. After many visits with Brian and identifying his need for family and some love and nurturing, the idea to move him back to his uncle’s home was entertained. After several months of discussion, debate, and planning, he was returned to the home on December 23, 2011. At the time of his return, this department developed a Wraparound approach with the family and other providers to align the client with the services that would best suit his needs. Brian eventually began attending Louden Nelson School (an alternative county run school) and has been involved in music lessons, has acquired new friends in the community and just recently was hired to work at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
There have been some adjustments in his medication and his future desire is to be off all medication and hopes to function at a level that meets his needs. His family has created a safe and healthy atmosphere for him and their relationships have improved tenfold as a result of the elimination of stress associated with his previous placements. The cooperation of the Human Services Department and Children’s Mental Health, along with Family Partnership has made this unprecedented adjustment a joy to be part of in many ways. I hope that Brian and his family continue their journey of healing and create a life-long positive change for him.


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