Caregiving Issues, Neuroplasticity Of The Brain, Substance And Alcohol Abuse,And Happiness Are Your Topics This Week!


You have sent emails,  posts,  tweets and even calls with requests about specific information regarding having a healthy Mind, Body and Life.  We dedicate this show to bringing you subjects and guests who answer some of your questions and interests.   Are you a caregiver?  Make sure you take care of yourself too.  The toll that the stress of caregiving takes is in the trillions financially and there is no number you can place on the stress that it causes as well as health issues.   We have some tips.  Can you “re-wire your brain”?  Best selling author Marcia Lucas joins us to talk about re-wiring your brain.  Christopher Kennedy Lawford talks about his book written to help ANYONE dealing with alcoholism and substance abuse. We also have put together an “e-book” excerpt from an upcoming Free Your Mind Projects book release about Happiness!

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