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The National Alliance on Mental Illness says that, “There is no health without Mental Health”. That’s true. Did you know that the typical lifespan of adults with serious mental illness is about 53 years old? Add substance abuse to that and that person on average will live to about 48. So that’s the bad news. The good news is that there are so many things that you can do to help yourself and help family members and you can start right now! It’s important to understand what you’re dealing with, and then have a plan for action. In this area, we have basic information about common mental health issues. We always encourage anyone who is in crisis now to dial 9-1-1. We also encourage individuals and family members to seek mental health help in your area.

Years of dealing with issues ourselves have led us to seek some of the most scientifically proven techniques and methods that can help on an everyday basis. Even things that aren’t quite so scientific… like exercise (it really helps!), and Transcendental Meditation (scientifically proven to help relieve stress!) as well as dietary suggestions in our healthy bodies section. Again, we aren’t Doctors. Some people respond very well to medications, and it’s important to seek professional help. Our goal is to provide some education and some inspiration to get on the path, as our friends at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health say, to “Hope, Wellness and Recovery!”

There is help. There is hope. We have been there… we know.

Use some of this to inform yourself on various mental health issues, however it is no substitute for seeing a mental health professional and working with them to diagnose and make a plan for your mental health.

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Healthy Minds

A New Study Shows That Teens’ Mental Disorders are Often Left Untreated in U.S.

According to an article in HealthDay News, less than half of American teens with mental health disorders receive treatment.  Those that do get help rarely see a mental health specialists. The findings demonstrate a need for better health services for teens, said study author E. Jane Costello who is an associate director at the Duke [...]

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Eating Dinner Together Boosts Teens Mental Health

A study conducted with findings published in the Journal of Adolescent Health suggests that teens who routinely dine with family at mealtime have improved mental health.  This and another study that was published in The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine show that adolescent aged children can have fewer emotional and behavioral problems, greater well [...]

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Video Games Help Seniors

A study that was released Wednesday by the Journal Nature had 16 healthy elderly volunteers train on a specially designed video game to see if it would improve cognitive function boosting mental skills for older people.  The volunteers, (ages 60-85) showed improvement in multitasking, staying focused, and retaining information, powers that usually decline with age. [...]

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Aerobic Fitness Helps Mental Health

Recently, the University of California conducted a study that contended that having healthy heart and lungs may reduce mental decline.  350 adults, aged 59-88, in healthy condition, underwent medical exams and interviews to assess their social, physical and emotional health, then were subjected to a test of aerobic fitness, measured with a treadmill, that was [...]

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Are Antidepressants Being Overprescribed?

The last twenty years have seen the use of antidepressants grow to 10 percent of Americans now using some sort of anti-depressant.  The gradual change from alternate therapeutic methods, economic factors, media ads, and general anxiety, temporary problems with relationships,  and life stress could be some of the reasons depression is being over-diagnosed, and mis-diagnosed. [...]

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Amanda Bynes: “What a Girl Really Needs” is a Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes has had a great career on the screen as star of her own TV show and movies.  One of her very cute movies was “What a Girl Wants”.  It kind of gave us the inspiration for this article.  This past year she’s been in the news as the tabloids chronicle her “strange” behavior.   [...]

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A Break From Technology Is Good For You!

It’s tempting to be on the Internet when total access to information (and fun) is at your disposal. It is also easy to make the excuse that you are taking care of yourself by spending time using technology for personal use. It may be the case that you are using technology for professional use, outside [...]

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Happy “May is Mental Health Month” Everyone!

We have had the honor of meeting and working with some of the most talented and brilliant minds in medicine, science, entertainment, therapy and simply inspirational stories over the last 3 years of doing our Radio Show. The candid and emotional stories of our guests continue to inspire us! Some of them from top actors, [...]

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Free Yourself From the Stigma of Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Other Mental Illnesses

By Valerie Johnson, special guest writer to Free Your Mind Projects from Depression and bipolar disorder do not have to rule your life. You should be sure not to let your mental illness define who you are as a person, no matter how serious your symptoms may be. Mental illness may seem like a [...]

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Rick Springfield Really IS a “Profile of Hope”

Recently,  for our radio show,  Wendy sat down with Rick Springfield in his recording studio during a break in filming of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s continuing “Profiles of Hope” television series which was created by the County’s Public Information Office a few years ago to help to break stigma and educate [...]

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