Are you concerned that you or someone you love might have schizophrenia?  Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder and not to be taken lightly.  With education and understanding, we hope you will find hope in cures and treatment for this disease.

Take a journey through schizophrenia and learn about the signs, symptoms and causes through the eyes of Brandon Staglin, a mental health advocate and sufferer of schizophrenia.  His unique first-person view on schizophrenia gives new insights about the subject.

We would like to thank the Staglin family and their never-ending efforts to find a cure for all brain disorders. Especially their son Brandon who is the inspiration for his parents, Garen and Shari to find cures within the next decade.  Also thanks to Ty Cannon, their lead scientist for his input on ways that science is making strides in finding cures.

We thank and applaud Brandon and his family for their tireless work to help so many others and to find a cure.