Christopher Kennedy Lawford…Actor, Attorney, Advocate, and Author of a Great New Book Called “Recover To Live: Kick Any Habit Manage Any Addiction” Joins Us To Talk About His Self Treatment Guide to Alcohol, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Gambling, Hoarding, Smoking, Sex and Porn and Why He Wrote the Book. Amanda Lipp Shares Her Journey to Hope, Wellness, Recovery and Resilience On Our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment with Jennifer Whitney.

In the foreward to Christopher’s book,  his cousin,  former Congressman Patrick Kennedy along with Congressman Jim Ramstad writes,  “Unfortunately, many addicts don’t have the resources and support that we have to get and stay sober.  They each need to find and build their own toolkit of survival.  Recover to Live should be the first tool in the kit.”  Find out what Patrick thinks so, and why Christopher wrote the book after watching a certain TV commercial.   You can buy the book at   and you can check out more information on Christopher Kennedy Lawford at

Appointed a NAMI California board member in the summer of 2012,  Amanda Lipp,  who was also recently profiled in a supplement about Proposition 63 in the Sacramento Bee,  joins Jennifer Whitney to talk about her own personal story of recovery.   Amanda is a perfect example of why we started the Free Your Mind Projects.  She is very candid about details of some of her worst experiences dealing with mental health issues,  but she is resolute about her pathway not just to recovery,  but helping others.  She’s a very passionate advocate and you’ll find her story VERY inspirational!  You can find out more about the organization of which she is a board member here:

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