Claire Merrill, From The Client Run Center of The San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, Inc. Joins Us To Talk Recovery! Marcia Rose, Founder of Bipolar Insights Joins Jennifer Whitney To Give Us Insight Into Education!

Claire Merrill heard the voices.  The ghosts and the spirits.  Along the way,  she was given an opportunity:  would you like to get rid of those voices?  Her answer was yes.  Her pathway to get there is an important one in which she shares her own ups and downs along the way.  Now,  she’s giving back through multiple programs available at the San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, Inc.  She joins us in studio with Kathleen Piche’ of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and find out the importance and impact of this county “Provider”.

In our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment,  Marcia Rose from Placerville’s Bipolar Insights joins Jennifer Whitney to talk about this unique program.  Marcia and her team have built a very successful organization that provides online, in print and in person support and education for those of us who deal with Bipolar Disorder – families and individuals.  Learn how one person’s vision can take off into an impactful organization, and learn a surprising tip that is most important in recovery!

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