Closing in on a cure for Mental Illness with OneMind4Research….fighting for families and youth and empowering parents with UACF and Prop. 63…and answering your questions with Sherry Gaba

Co-Founders of former Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Garen Staglin join us from the first annual OneMind4Research conference at UCLA.  They discuss stunning research findings and astronomical numbers related to Mental Illness.  Oscar Wright, CEO and Cindy Claflin, Director of Education and Training for the United Advocates for Children and Families join us to discuss their organization,  and the difference they are making in smashing stigma and educating children and families about mental health.  Sherry Gaba from VH-1s, “Celebrity Rehab”, “Sober House”, “Celebrity Sex Rehab”, and  a licensed therapist joins us to discuss the positive effects that positive thinking can have, and how it plays an important role in the path to recovery!

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Show Recap:

Featured Guests:

  • One Mind For Research, Patrick Kennedy.
  • Oscar Wright, United Advocates for Children and Families in Sacramento.
  • Cindy Claflin, Director of training and education for the United Advocates for Children and Families in Sacramento
  • Sherri Gabba,  answers questions from listeners.

One Mind for Research is working on finding the cure for brain disease.  It was co-founded with Patrick Kennedy and the Staglin’s foundation.  The main goal is to find a cure in 10 years (9 years from now).  This is the first annual conference this year for One Mind for Research. “We are stronger united than we are by ourselves. Sharing the knowledge between other scientists can help speed up the process of finding the cure. It will help to advance our common goals.”, says Kennedy.

Garen Staglin  - exciting news coming out of One Mind. Over 400 scientists working together for the common goal of accelerating the cures and treatments of brain disease.  The use of the brain to control functions for people who have paralysis.  For instance, it helps them to learn how to use external devices and helps the brain to learn to use the devices in ways that substitute for the limbs that they do not have.

The financial study they have done is groundbreaking. The hard dollar annual cost  today is over 500 billion dollars/year. Soft dollar cost (lost productivity, family that has to take care of these family members, etc) is approaching 1 trillion dollars/year.  These are chronic illnesses, 20% of national health care expenditures. This is a wake up call to do something about this problem!
Prop 63- Mental Health Services Act Action Segment

Oscar Wright- CEO of United Advocate of Children and Families
Cindy Claflin- Family member and Director and training member of UACF

UACF- is a 20 year old organization- it serves as a voice for children, families, and youth who are going through behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues.

UACF has designed a program to accompany this voice and is involved with other organizations. The voice of many organizations is stronger.

They do for parent partners, family advocates, family members, training about mental health, how they can get through the school systems, how to talk to doctors, etc.

UACF still needs more programs, more money for the programs. Stopping the stigma for mental illness is key. There has been a slight change of stigma in the past years.
Sherri Gaba- Answers questions from listeners.
Problem with PTSD- has a counselor but doesn’t cover dependency issues.  PTSD is a trauma issue. Focus on where the trauma in your body is, and letting it go.  Trauma is locked energy that is no longer working in your life.  Seek out another therapist that knows how to deal with these issues and please join a support group in your area as this is a complex issue that won’t go away by itself and seek out a mental health professional.

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