David finds hope after being suicidal

Lack of hope, desperation, darkness and self-hatred lead to David’s desire to end his life in 2010. Prevention and Early Intervention staff at Community Connection met David shortly after his suicide attempt. He was withdrawn, depressed and unable to function. Like many young adults, David was in denial about his mental illness and substance abuse challenges. After working closely with staff and attending program activities, David slowly started to re-gain his desire to live and shortly after he identified his goal of pursuing employment. David continued to attend work readiness workshops that supported his goal of re-entering the workforce. Within a few months, David was ready to work closely with an Employment Specialist to begin his job search. David pursued a volunteer position to gain skills, experiences and work history. He is currently successfully volunteering in the community 2x/week. Through these experiences, he has become less isolative and withdrawn. He has learned to cope with his mental health symptoms in positive ways without using drugs or alcohol. He feels better about himself and has begun to build a social support system. He is no longer suicidal. With the support and guidance of Prevention and Early Intervention, he is now hopeful as he attempts to reach his employment and career goals.

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