Dr. Charles Sophy Helps Us Understand The Importance Of Conservatorships, Communications With Tech Savvy Kids, His “Home Invasions” With Dr. Phil, And Why Proper Detoxing Is Important In Rehabilitation.


Dr. Charles Sophy is a show favorite and a much-in-demand media expert you’ve seen on CNN, HLN, “Dr. Phil”, and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”   More than the media appearances,  Dr. Sophy has a lot of experience dealing with high profile celebrities who are dealing with high profile mental issues.  On this show,  we discuss the issues surrounding Amanda Bynes and some tips for parents, particularly parents of adults and the need for conservatorship.  In San Diego,  the Hannah Anderson case had captivated the nation’s attention for the last part of the summer.  Dr. Sophy has some tips for parents whose kids are close to others, or are being drawn close to others through technology.  He fills us in on the upcoming “home invasions” with Dr. Phil in which they go “on the road” to help tough situations,  and you’ll also learn from Dr. Sophy about rehab facilities and what to investigate and why the detox component is so important.

You can access more information about Dr. Sophy, his books, his S.W.E.E.P method and “Side by Side” all here at: www.drsophy.com

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