Dr. Charles Sophy, Medical Director, Los Angeles County Department Of Child And Family Services Discusses The Importance Of Communication Between Parents And Kids

On this week’s “Free Your Mind Projects Radio Show”, Dr. Charles Sophy will talk about DCFS and how he works directly with families and children to ensure the safety of over 40,000 foster care children. DCFS is considered the nation’s largest child welfare system. Dr. Sophy is responsible for directing the physical and mental health of the children under the care of DCFS. Dr. Sophy is board certified in three clinical specialties: adult psychiatry, child & adolescent psychiatry and family practice. His book, “Side By Side – The Revolutionary Mother-Daughter Program for conflict free Communication” is available in select bookstores and at Amazon.com. If you suspect child abuse in LA County, you can anonymously call 1-800-540-4000 to discuss the situation. We also discussed Cyber-Bullying in our second segment, and if you’re looking for resources about dealing with Cyber-Bullying, check out www.reachout.com

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