Learn About Addiction And Hear A Very Inspiring Success Story From Tina Wooton

Sherri Gaba, LCSW and guest on VH-1s “Celebrity Rehab”, “Sober House” and “Celebrity Sex Rehab” joins us to talk about addiction and dual diagnosis… what are they and how can they be treated? Joining Jennifer Whitney in our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action segment from the Santa Barbara County Department of Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services is MHSOAC Commissioner Tina Wooton. We know that our listeners find success stories to be inspiring, and Tina is very candid in sharing her own personal story and struggles AND her success. Tina is using her experience to help others across the State, and her story is one from which we all can learn! Thanks for joining us Tina! You’ll also hear part one of our two part series about the Prism Awards. Who is going to win? Castle? Celebrity Rehab? Dangerous Method? Arthur? Find out next week!

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Show Recap:

  • This week: Prism Awards-the way that TV shows and Film deal with substance abuse and Health issues and how realistic it is how they portray them
  • Guest- Addiction specialist Sherri Gaiba. Psychologist talks about addiction
  • Prop 63 segments, Jennifer Whitney and guest Tina Wooton Commissioner
  • Prism Awards were held in LA
  • It is to commemorate and award everyone involved in the accurate depictions of mental health and dealing with mental health and substance abuse
  • A Dangerous Method, Arthur, Desperate Housewives, Glee, House, Castle
  • Industry is getting better at making situations in film more accurate.
  • Sherri Gaiba
  • How do you know when you have an addiction? When there are consequences. When life is unmanageable, when people worry about you
  • Over 20 million people in the nation have an addiction problem.  With an addiction, there is usually something else going on that start the addiction
  • Vitamin infusion- test to see what neuro- transmitters are missing
  • Thomas Kinkade, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Lindsey Lohan. Money cannot buy happiness. They have enablers around them. They are hurting them by not saying no to them
  • Tips to listeners. Go see a doctor if you feel your life going out of control. If you live your life mindlessly, reach out for help. Seek out a specialist, read a book, blog
  • Beliefnet.com, intent.com, thelawofsobriety.com- Sherri’s own blog.

Prop 63 Segment

  • Highlights Prop 63 Success Stories
  • Deals with consumer that has received mental health experience and has lived with a mental health issue
  • In 1989 when her mother passed, she lost it mentally (depression)
  • After moving in with her sister and brother, she then went to a psychiatrist.
  • Through treatment at a clinic, it led to her career in mental health
  • Peer run programs are very important for clients. They bring unique perspective. It helps to provide insight into the mental illness
  • There are seats on the commission for family members
  • The family members role is very important. They provide support to each other when things are stressful and sad
  • Family partners/advocates
  • With the declining resources in mental health, these peer run programs are very cost effective. It is very empowering for peers to hear stories of people going through the illness
  • Crisis residential programs (instead of having to live in mental hospitals) reduces anxiety and fearfulness.
  • From 1993-97, Turning Point Agency based out of Sacramento did a research project around peer run crisis residential programs. More improvement with clients that went to programs than those who went to locked psyche systems.
  • Tina’s position- Consumer Empowerment Manager with Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health

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