Eric Arauz Is An Author, Speaker, Advocate And An Inspiration. El Hogar Community Services Are Making a Huge Difference In Sacramento!

When Eric Arauz was 12, his father tried to kill him.  That trauma, among many others is the topic of his book,  ”An American’s Resurrection:  My Pilgrimage From Child Abuse and Mental Illness To Salvation”. Eric joined us in studio and provided what might be the most candid and emotional description of what its like to weather a psychotic episode, and how it truly and realistically affects families.   Jill Dayton and Alex Bolte join Jennifer Whitney from a true Proposition 63 success story:  El Hogar Community Services. If you every wondered about Prevention and Early Intervention programs, particularly among seniors, this interview helps to shed light. El Hogar has literally helped thousands in Sacramento,  and seniors are a focus.  Is depression a given as we age?   Find out!

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