Eating Dinner Together Boosts Teens Mental Health

A study conducted with findings published in the Journal of Adolescent Health suggests that teens who routinely dine with family at mealtime have improved mental health.  This and another study that was published in The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine show that adolescent aged children can have fewer emotional and behavioral problems, greater well being and stability emotionally, are more trusting and helpful and find greater satisfaction with life than those who do not dine with family.

Teens in the study reported that the number of meals spent with their family helped the communication level between them and their parents.  The studies found that family dining help give a child a sense of belonging, and is a vital part of allowing parents time to teach positive health behaviors to their children, which adds to other studies such as one conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois that  revealed that eating with family can  help prevent eating disorders, obesity, and inadequate nutrition in children.

Summarized from: Regular Family Meals Improve Teenage Mental Health Copyright: Medical News Today  Written by Joseph Nordqvist  Article Date: 25 Mar 2013 

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