Freddy avoids jail and drugs and becomes a role model for peers

The Work First program began serving Freddy in July 2011, when he moved into Casa Pacific, joined Avenues and started volunteering for the CRP Work Crew. Freddy was referred to Work First and came directly from the Santa Cruz County jail. Freddy has co-occurring serious mental illness and substance use disorders, and is on mental health probation. He has a long history of poor medication compliance, violence, drug use and incarceration. When he started receiving services his goals were: stay away from drugs, make new friends that don’t use drugs, go to Cabrillo College and move into independent housing. Freddy has worked hard and made progress in each of these areas. He has been clean and sober for 11 months. He has made many new friends and built relationships that aren’t centered on substance use. He has enrolled and registered for classes at Cabrillo College and plans to attend in Fall 2012. He moved out of

Casa Pacific and is successfully living in independent housing.

While volunteering on the CRP Work Crew, he has worked over 110 days in the community and has had 5 successful evaluations. Based on his positive work history on the crew, he is being considered for a CRP Peer Crew Leader position.

Freddy is always helpful in each area of the Work First program. He has received 2 peer nominated awards from the Avenues program for recovery and employment. Freddy has worked hard to get to where he is today. He is motivated to work, go to school and maintain his recovery. He continues to be involved with Avenues and CRP and is a role model for peers in our programs.

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