General Peter Chiarelli, Former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army, now CEO of OneMind4Research joins us to discuss their mission, and MHA San Francisco Executive Director Eduardo Vega joins Jennifer in the Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment to discuss pathways to recovery and his story about “Pole 69″ on the Golden Gate Bridge.

This week, the first annual meeting of was held at UCLA, and brought together leading scientists, psychiatrist and leaders in the mental health field, along with passionate advocates Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Glenn Close to discuss some of the current research findings. General Chiarelli discusses stigma in the armed forces, and a few of the findings that were announced at the conference including a staggering financial bill that is paid for mental illness… thus pointing out yet another need to bring everyone together to focus on a cure. In the Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment with Jennifer Whitney,  Eduardo Vega, MHA SF Executive Director and a Commissioner of the MHSOAC joins Jen and shares details of his own lived experience, and a story that he wrote about “Pole 69″ at the Golden Gate Bridge.  The story is eloquent and the background is inspirational.   Listen, and find out more from all of these inspirational, passionate guests.

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Show Recap:

Guests- General Peter Correlli, new CEO of One Mind For Research.
Action Segment- Eduardo Vega-MHA San Francisco

Segment 1

  • The General is the new CEO of One Mind For Research
  • They are focusing on the Fight against stigma of mental illness in military
  • Former Vice chief of staff of the army; recently retired from military. Wants to reduce rates of suicide in military
  • Peter- didn’t really know about post traumatic and until he became the vice chief
  • People need to get the help the need after being in the army. You can’t just tell people to “shake it off.” We are more educated now.
  • Showing someone a concussed brain scan shows them that there is actually something different about it than a normal brain. There is nothing physical to prove there is post traumatic stress.
  • The problem is, we do not know enough about the brain to be able to fully assess what a concussion is and the different levels of it
  • We have to advance the science of the brain o we can improve patient outcomes.
  • This is not just a military issue. There are tons of people that are dealing with this from suffering from a concussed event
  • You can learn a lot about the body by taking a blood sample. There is no way to know for sure someone suffered from a concussion
  • One Mind is not about creating new science, its about connecting the dots

Segment 2

  • We need to advance knowledge on the brain.
  • There are many research silos
  • All drugs do not work the same for everyone.
  • Patrick Kennedy- is one of the co-founders of One Mind
  • Looking for ways to increase patient outcome if we are willing to share information and make it available to the right people
  • There is 400 Billion/yr in direct costs, over a trillion a year spent on caregiver’s time and money
  • If we could knock the bill down even just 20%, we could see huge savings
  • For post traumatic stress, he calls it an injury to the mind. He doesn’t want to hear the “disorder” part
  • Genetics has a lot to do with the degree to which someone is experiences PTS. Two people can have the same case of post traumatic stress, but will have different experiences

Prop 63 California State Wide Success Story

  • In San Francisco talking to Eduardo Vega Executive Director of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco
  • Along with mental illness comes stigma and discrimination. This is what this radio show is trying to bust!
  • His role both individually and as a group is to advance a culture in which mental health is embraced and where people get the help they need
  • Wants to bring society away from the stigma and the discrimination and shame that mental illness brings
  • What really helps is talking about the challenges people have gone through so others can understand that there are those who go through the same things and there is a support system that people can find for help and hope
  • Negativity can do a lot of damage to someone. Hope can change everything
  • After attempting suicide, he realized that helping others could help get him through his own suffering
  • Eduardo found a job in social services
  • Worked at an advocacy organization and really enjoyed that work
  • 5 components of Prop 63. Two are prevention and early intervention and innovation. How they fit into mental health: prevention and early intervention are like the Holy Grail. Very important! “They allow us to create a wave that will lift our boats in the future and will provide a stable and healthier underpinning for our children and their children.”
  • Innovation sometimes gets a bad rap. Are they necessary? MHSA’s are based on things they know and things they understand about the individual and their ability to recover from the mental illness. Their program puts a lot of energy behind exploring the opportunities to make a difference.
  • Without innovation, we can not progress as a society
  • No one can limit your future. You can manage lots of things in your life as long as you hold onto your dreams
  • “Running to Pole 69″ –Eduardo wrote this essay to explain the power of running, meditation to control mental illness
  • Pole 69 is the pole which marks the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is also the spot with the highest number of suicides. It represents to epicenter of suicide
  • Running is a metaphor for life.

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      Thank you so much for this sweet article. Mental illsens is such a painful affliction to have. It is difficult when nobody visits or calls. It can make one feel totally alone. It also makes one afraid to reach out and make new friends because of fear of rejection. I wish more people would be as understanding as you.

      • wendy
        August 5, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

        And thank you for reading and being a supporter. It is difficult to feel isolated: we know what you mean. No one should ever feel they can’t reach out. There are always professionals and groups everywhere that you can search to find online. There is a large community of people that are there to support everyone. Reach out and join them. Thank you so much for your comments and keep reaching out! We care too!

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      a. making a baby is a pcyaihsl function.b. since when did parenting require a test or license?c. stupidity is a whole other issue. but many have children when they cant even take care of themselves. its an unfortunate fact.d. many people with bipolar disorder work and are productive once the disorder is under control. you can have a mental illness and a PhD too.

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        • wendy
          August 3, 2012 at 1:09 am #

          And thank you too for sharing your support! It is a sad situation but now there is so much more being done across California and we have seen many positive results. Thanks again for sharing!

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