Handling Stress Poorly Puts You at a Greater Risk for Mental Health Issues Ten Years From Now.

A report done by University of California Irvine shows that it’s not the number of daily stressors, it’s the way you handle them.

Researchers studied more than 700 men and women from 25 to 74 years old, interviewed ten years apart.  At the beginning, participants were asked every day for eight days to report stressors that had happened that day and their emotions surrounding it.  They also filled out questionnaires about their overall mental health.  Fast forward ten years and the same group was asked the same questions.

People who responded to stress with more anxiety and sadness than the average person were more likely to have self reported anxiety/mood disorders and psychological distress ten years later.

Not the NUMBER of daily stressors, but how you respond to them.  The way you react to stress, like getting angry when sitting in a traffic jam or feeling anxious in meeting a work deadline can make a difference.

One way to keep it healthy say researchers—look at stress as a challenge and not a threat to help maintain your emotional balance.

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