Happy “May is Mental Health Month” Everyone!

We have had the honor of meeting and working with some of the most talented and brilliant minds in medicine, science, entertainment, therapy and simply inspirational stories over the last 3 years of doing our Radio Show. The candid and emotional stories of our guests continue to inspire us! Some of them from top actors, musicians and scientists of our time to the regular person on the streets that has fought their way from homelessness and substance abuse to a happier, healthier life. These are inspiring and supportive stories for you or loved ones that may be dealing with any number of mental health issues. Statistically speaking, from 1 in 4 people deal with a mental health issue in their lifetime and it is most likeyl higher.  You or your family members are not alone.

Mental Health Month is important to us all.

It is the first step for everyone to understand that everyone’s mental health matters. To understand the challenges and the signs so that stigma doesn’t stop anyone from asking and getting help. Educating yourself and others helps us all to lead happier, healthier lives.

In this vein, we have worked to coordinate some “conversations” by our great friend Mariel Hemingway so others can see how she has dealt with multiple family suicides, depression, caregiving for a parent at a very, very young age, and how she’s learned to really take care of herself…to give tips to take care of yourself. Please join us if you are in Sacramento at noon on May 14th at the Crest Theater, or in Los Angeles at 7:pm May 15th. You can RSVP from the homepage of this site. This is something that programs and providers who are supported by voter approved Prop 63 (The Mental Health Services Act) and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health work hard to do: educate others about services for everyone.

What can you do to support this cause?

Simple things matter. If someone reaches out to you, let them know they aren’t alone and support them to get help they need and to lend a helpful ear. If you are worried about someone because their actions have changed dramatically, reach out. Ask them what’s going on and connect them with services you can find here on our “Resources” tab. Of course if someone you know seems to be a harm to themselves or others you can always call 911 and explain the situation or call the 24/7 Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-HELP.

If you hear others speaking about people with mental illness in a derogatory fashion, ask them to have more sensitivity if possible. We know not everyone will “get” it, but it starts with all of us talking openly to as many people as possible in an educational way.
If you’d like to read more about mental health issues, check out our resources tab. You can also use our “Search” bar to search for keywords such as “depression” to find some of our Radio Shows, Success Articles from Prop 63 and other resources and numbers and websites.

Happy Mental Health Month Everyone! And by the way, break out the Lime green ribbons this month!  That’s the color for mental health awareness!

Wishing you all a healthy mind, body and life from all of us at Free Your Mind Projects!

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