Holiday Stress? Stress Throughout The Year? Let’s Deal With It On Our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment. Rick Springfield and Mariel Hemingway Joined Us To Talk About Their Paths to Hope, Wellness, Recovery and Resiliency!

Stress!  It comes at you all year long, but the Holidays are different.  Especially when times are tight and the pressure is on.   If you’re already dealing with a serious mental health issue,  the additional stress can be a trigger.  Join Dr. David Pating,  Chief,  Addiction Medicine,  Kaiser Permanente and Jennifer Whitney on our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action segment to learn some tools to deal with “stress”.

Rick Springfield is known for his acting and music.  It would seem that things come easy to him, but as we always discuss on our show,  mental health issues aren’t selective.   Rick is very candid in his interview with Wendy about dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts.  Mariel Hemingway is the subject of a new documentary called,  ”Running from Crazy”.  She comes from a family legacy of 7 suicides,  alcohol and substance abuse,  schizophrenia and depression.   She shares her story of dealing with these issues as well as being a caregiver.

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