How Your Recovery Can Bloom and Grow

We’d like to welcome  Cathy Taughinbaugh, a Life and Recovery Coach and Founder of Treatment Talk, as our new guest blogger.  We’ve been following her great work and know our readers will benefit from her experience with her own family and others in guiding people through recovery.


Sometimes it’s necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness…until it flowers again from within. ~ Galway Kinnell


Spring will be here in the not too distant future. Our gardens will soon be coming back to life.

Our gardens like our home can feel safe, familiar and peaceful.

We are surrounded by people that we know, and all our “stuff” that we have collected. We are in our comfort zone.

The goal for  recovery is to get home and be safe. You may have thought that by drinking or drugging, you’d feel more comfortable and ease your pain.  As time went on, your drug of choice turned on you and left you out in the cold. It wasn’t fun anymore.

Recovery comes slowly, one day at a time.

Each person finds it in their own way. For some, like myself, recovery was all about letting go of focusing my entire attention on the addiction that had come into my life. I needed to learn to find joy and happiness regardless of what others around me were doing.

It’s like the slow drip of rain filling up a dry pond. Recovery comes to those who seek it. It is a slow and steady transformation

Recovery for many means letting go of the devastating habits that have destroyed their lives. You may have given in to your pain and used pills, alcohol, street drugs, food, gambling or sex to self medicate the ache inside of you.

You may have lashed out at family members, ignored your children, disappeared for days on end. You may have given up your life to walk the streets looking for your next fix.

Or, you have may be been on the receiving end of these tirades. You gave all you had because of guilt, shame and a blinded sense of responsibility. You tried to fix the problem for your loved one.

In either case, you might not even remember who you are anymore.

Where ever you find yourself on the spectrum of substance abuse, there is a better way.

There is a place where your soul can be at peace and where you can find meaning in your life once again.

Like a flower garden slowly blooming, recovery needs continued attention.

When you let addiction take over your life, you neglect the flower garden, and allow the weeds to spread. They are unruly and ugly. They don’t need you, they just suck off each other and multiple. Before you know it, your whole bed is filled with weeds, and it feels overwhelming to conquer them. The flowers are gone because the life has been choked out of them.

Doing the work to honestly know, at the core of your being why you’ve let addiction take over your life will help keep you in long term recovery. Otherwise you will be left with anger. Anger at the world for creating your broken self. Anger that you don’t know how to fix it.

Flowers cannot live without sunshine, water and soil. Recovery needs the will to change, a support system and daily reminders to keep it alive and healthy.

When you have the will to change,  you are taking the first step towards recovery and a better life. Look up towards the sunshine and see that there is hope. Do not go back and hide in the shadows. Do not let your fear stop you. Come out, show yourself and ask for the help that you desire. Ask and you shall receive.

People in recovery need a support system. A support system will give you the mental nourishment to keep you going each day. You will tell your story and others will share theirs. You will listen to their experience, strength and hope. You will learn and grow. It is essential that we manage our spirit and our soul with the support of others.

Daily Reminders, like soil for the garden, will keep you grounded and not allow you to be swept away when the going gets tough. You will have new thoughts to consider and new ideas to contemplate. Words of wisdom will fall off the pages, quotes will stay with you for days at a time, and you will know that you are not alone.

When you let go of your addictive behaviors, you let go of the sadness, the anxiety, the worry, the anger, the frustration, the shame, the self-centeredness, the chaos and the self loathing.

As you embrace recovery, you discover laughter, joy, peace of mind, hope for the future, discipline, orderliness, love, creativity, self-esteem, pride and happiness.

The struggle is never over, but the pain slowly fades away. Being diligent and working whatever program you’ve chosen will help to keep you on track. You need to do more than just stop the bad habits.

When you tend to your recovery garden, you’ll have removed the weeds, and planted flowers, so that your garden will continue to grow and give back its beauty that can be shared by others for years to come.

You will be reminded that there is hope. Hope for today and hope for the future.

About Cathy:

Cathy Taughinbaugh is a Life and Recovery Coach, former teacher and mother of a crystal meth addict who has been in recovery for over 7 years. She writes on addiction, recovery and treatment at Treatment


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