John Black, Peer Recovery Art Project shares Prop. 63 success stories with Jennifer Whitney! Basketball great Metta World Peace partners with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health on a Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

Peer Recovery Art ProjectDo creative arts and music help to heal those with mental health issues?  John Black from the Peer Recovery Art Project in Modesto joins Jennifer Whitney on our Prop. 63 Mental Health Services Action segment to share his success stories and discusses the critical importance of how the funding is helping people on a daily basis.   There are very few athletes who have made a commitment to any cause as Metta World Peace has to increasing awareness about mental health when he sold his Lakers World Championship ring to raise money for mental health causes.   Recently,  Metta World Peace visited the Roybal Learning Center in Los Angeles to address the students and staff there and share his story!  LAUSD and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health are working hard to reach out to students and their families with positive and inspirational messages and support.

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Show Recap:

  • Mental Health Awareness has teamed up with the MTA to try to reduce the stigma of mental health and encourage people to seek help and support.
  • Metta experienced a lot of hard times as a child. Growing up he had to seek help for his anger and his quick temper.
  • Metta had to sit out on 13 basketball games on season in high school because of his temper.
  • He felt like he needed to seek help because he had a baby at 16. He thought it was important to stabilize for his baby.
  • Don’t feel shy about getting help. You have to do it for your future.
  • Marvin Suther on Metta’s speech
  • Metta’s message is that you too can be successful if you get help as well
  • Marvin wants the message of social inclusion to prevent bullying. Bullies flourish when others encourage each other to pick on others.
  • Pia Escadero- She is very positive on the impact that Metta’s message was on the students.
  • Monica Garcia- Metta coming to the school to talk means that the students matter and that other people care.

Prop 63

  • Director and CEO of Peer Recovery Art Project- John Black
  • An organization that came together because he wondered why someone who has a mental issue is always in a mental health program. He wanted there to be a program that is more creative than that.
  • John figured out that his gift in life is to communicate with people and make them feel comfortable to talk. He has been able to help people change their lives.

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