Jose learns to accept his worth and control his anger


“Jose”- Jose came to the clinic following several years of not accessing services as an ex-gang member and someone who defined himself by his bipolar disorder, his paranoia and his physical health barriers. He had explosive anger in his beginning therapy sessions but over the past two years, he has successfully introjected his therapist and “hears her voice” when he is angry, a coping strategy that helps him to stay calm. He recently got a girlfriend, which he never thought was possible a year ago. He struggled initially with managing his nutrition until early 2011 when his case manager encouraged him to participate in the 3-month healthy challenge activity. During this challenge, he proudly reported each wise nutritional decision he made to an eagerly awaiting and encouraging case manager. Later that year, he came to the Sanger clinic and began to facilitate relaxation groups featuring tai chi techniques and then he won the “Guiding Star” award in the 2011 Golden Starfish Award Ceremony that honored his leadership skills. When he won the award, he sat staring at the award, speechless as he reflected on something his case manager had impressed upon him: “he is a gifted and talented individual that has a lot to offer;” this was a new idea to him. Since then, Jose is gradually beginning to hear, acknowledge and accept his worth, which is creating many wonderful changes in his life.

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