Katie builds trust with therapist and participates in ENGAGE


“Katie”- When Katie first entered the RMH clinics for treatment she was withdrawn and depressed, isolated and struggled to express herself (anger and hopelessness) due to her history of sexual abuse and depression. After several months of weekly contacts, staff started to see that Katie was beginning to feel safe when her therapist began to build a more playful relationship with her children during sessions. Each week, the therapist could be seen coloring with the children during her sessions while the conversation between her and the therapist began to open up. She started to speak more candidly about the barriers that have prevented her from accessing treatment and was engaged in finding sustainable solutions.  Gradually Katie became medication compliant and would accurately report her symptoms to the doctor as they, too, built a relationship of trust. She began participating in the ENGAGE weekly supportive employment groups, and she took cake decorating classes as a coping skill to build focus and to self-soothe. She earned the Money Management award at the 2011 Golden Starfish awards which then gave her the confidence to get a job as a waitress. Today she says she still struggles with her anger management but that she is using the skills daily that her therapist taught her to keep her employment and provide for her family.

Rural Mental Health, Fresno County

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