Laurie finds new coping strategies that change her mental health outlook

For many years, Laurie has been a high user of acute mental health services, including three visits to locked acute care in both 2009 and 2010. Since moving to Wheelock Residential Care in July of 2010, this has changed significantly for Laurie and she has had zero moves to a higher level of care. Along with this change has been a range of other positive changes leading to a more positive mental health outlook.

With staff assistance, Laurie has worked hard to find new coping strategies. She regularly takes part in groups and outings at Wheelock Residential Care. When feeling stressed, she will seek staff for support, write, create art and use prescribed non-harmful physical ways to express anger. She has just recently begun volunteering at a local agency where she contributes her art skills.
Laurie also struggles with type 2 diabetes and she has had some difficulty managing her blood glucose levels (BGL). Through concentrated staff attention, she has begun to see the connection between her food choices and her BGLs. She has been making significantly better food choices and eating less and her BGL have lowered as a result. Also, Laurie has been very resistant to exercising to help with her diabetes. Recently, however, she has taken an interest in Tai Chi and has taken the additional step of leading a class for this for other residents.

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