Making an Impact with Art and Family Resources!

Cary McQueen Morrow joins us to discuss Art With Impact and their commitment to reducing stigma and educating the general public about mental health. Do you or your friends have a film short about mental health which you would like to enter in their short film contest? Listen and find out how to enter, and how to participate! On our Prop. 63 Mental Health Services Action segment with Jennifer Whitney, Jen is joined by Annie Kim from the Family Education Resource Center in Alameda County along with Dennis Corcoran, an FERC client. Dennis shares a very personal and candid story about a pathway to recovery for his family and it’s a story that is inspirational and one to which many of us can relate. Thankfully, Prop. 63 funding provides services like FERC for Dennis and his family and really make an impact… every single day. We also mentioned the Bully movie site if you’re interested in more information and Paris Barclay, Emmy Award winning director who was on one of our prior shows and has made an impact by sharing his own story. Here’s some info on the multi-talented Producer/Director/Advocate/Great guy!

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