Margaret joins Work First and accepts her drinking problem and finds help

Margaret joined Work First in October 2011 after spending a month in a higher lever of care. When entering our programs, Margaret didn’t consider her daily drinking a problem or that she had a problem with alcohol at all. Through working with Avenues, Casa Pacific and CRP she has been able to identify alcohol as a barrier to her wellness and independence. Margaret has received numerous awards from her peers at the Avenues program for employment and peer support. She has been approved for supported housing in the community and is waiting for her ensuing move-in date. In the mean time, she continues to be a positive member of Casa Pacific,

Avenues and CRP.

Through building relationships and participating in groups/activities, Margaret has developed good insight about symptom management and self-regulation. Margaret competed the 10-week peer-to-peer training program where she learned how to be a mentor and support for peers. She was hired as a receptionist as an entry-level position and is finding satisfaction and support through her hard work. She is a role model at Casa Pacific by working on chores, cooking group meals and cleaning up after herself. She is actively seeking her educational goals by applying at Cabrillo College. Her self identified goals are: to attend 3 or more 12 step meetings per week, take daily wellness walks and to stay active and to stay connected as an active member of Community Connection and MHCAN. She is a role model for all other participants of Work First.

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