May Is Mental Health Month! We Kick It Off In The Studio with Rick Springfield, A Subject Of Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s Upcoming “Profiles of Hope” Television Series. Also Offering Hope For Students is Art With Impact…This Week Coming To You From USC!

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health created the Prop. 63 fueled “Profiles of Hope” television series as a valuable tool for eliminating stigma and providing education through personal stories of everyday inspirational people and high profile people who are on their path to Hope, Wellness and Recovery.   Rick talks candidly in his “Profile” and on our show.   If you think you know Rick Springfield as a “pop” singer who has always had it all…you’ll be very surprised!   We know that entertainment: television,  music, film,  interactive can influence and make a difference.  An IMPACT if you will.  Once again,  we bring you Jennifer Whitney and the Mental Health Services Action Segment is on the road again at an Art with Impact event at the University of Southern California.   Dr. Kelly Greco joins Jen to talk about campus mental health and the importance of events like Art with Impact!

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