Nathan initially needed intensive supportive services, but later became a model tenant

Nathan E a transition age client. He moved into supported housing in July 2009 from living ‘independently’ in a dark dingy basement unit struggling with years of substance abuse including heavy meth use. Prior to this he was a resident at Opal Cliff. He initially required intensive supportive services when he first moved in as he stopped using all substances (from that point on becoming substance free)! He utilized our team, trans coordinators/therapist, EDC, crisis, DBHU and the 800 # extensively for almost 2 months after initially moving in battling resurfacing symptoms of severe paranoia, fear of taking his meds (thought they would stop his heart – as he does have a congenital heart condition – although his fears were based on paranoid thoughts), inability to sleep or be alone, voices, delusions, depression and severe anxiety. Eventually with the correct medication he began to stabilize and begin to develop insights into recovery after almost giving up his apartment and being placed in a residential facility. Our team, the county, his family and other agencies (ESS) worked together to provide support and hope in his ability to overcome.

He has been one of our model tenants and has maintained his stability, sobriety and housing despite enduring 2 consecutive housemates who were both substance users. He has attended the supported housing WRAP group since it began and still attends consistently. He completed our 5-week nutritional classes in conjunction with Interns from Baumen Nutritional College and is helping us to develop our “Smoothie recipe book” (which we plan to sell at the holiday craft faire). He has worked with Joaquin and the Academy on developing his RAP (not WRAP) skill as he is a prolific and profound poet and so far has produced a 12 song CD (still in the refining stage) with his own RAP lyrics over beats, expressing the experiences, thoughts, emotions and insights he has developed over these years regarding his mental illness, symptoms and substance abuse. It is quite good – honest, brutal and well done – to eventually be used to help other transitional youth with a mental illness/substance abuse. He is quite skilled and uses his poetry and RAP to cope. We are so amazed and proud at his transformation and path to recovery. He has performed his RAP at multiple events including a peer panel at Emeline, Community

Connections and soon MHCAN.

You should give it a listen…

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