Number 15 For Your Los Angeles Lakers: Metta World Peace Sinking A Three For Mental Health! Metta Joins The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s Dr. Marvin Southard On Stage At Washington Prep. High School. Michael Lazar and Lisa Stone Of Transitional Living and Community Services Join Jennifer Whitney On Our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment!

Metta World Peace is well known to NBA fans,  and though beloved by the fans on the teams on which he plays,  Metta’s physical style of play has not always been popular with opposing teams or their fans.  But everyone can agree that Metta’s tireless efforts on behalf of erasing the stigma of mental health,  and perhaps more importantly, sharing his own personal story and stressing that he got help and focus is making a real impact.  Hear Metta address the students at Washington Prep. High School in Los Angeles, and hear the students ask questions.  He’s very candid and a GREAT spokesperson for mental health!

Also making an impact are Prop. 63 funded “Full Service Partnerships”.   But what does that mean?  How far will an FSP go to help, and what can they provide?  Find out as Michael Lazar and Lisa Stone discuss the lengths to which Prop. 63 funded Transitional Living and Community Services based in Sacramento, CA will go in helping their community.

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