On the Road again with Jennifer Whitney at the Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Act Oversight and Accountability Commission’s Community Event in San Diego!

San Diego County Behavioral Health Services Director Alfredo Aguirre and MHSOAC Commissioner Andrew Poat join Jennifer Whitney as we broadcast an entire hour from San Diego about the impact of Proposition 63. We are also joined by three attendees at the conference, Anita, Kathleen and Ellen who discuss the impact on Family Members, Consumers and Transition Age youth.

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Show Recap:

  • Alfredo Alguerri- Behavioral Health Division Director for Health and Services Agency • Andrew Pote- Commissioner of MHSOAC for 10 years
  • California is the first state to do Prevention and Early Innovation.
  • When mental illness occurs, there is the proper treatments to address them, and a program to help those that will be living chronically with the illness for life.
  • Live Well San Diego is a program that promotes health and wellness.
  • There are 15 Clubhouse Programs, run by consumers (those affected with mental illness) for consumers.
  • There are two residential programs, called Wellness and Self- Regulation programs- The programs help push renovation in a community.
  • In Home Outreach Team (IHOT) – A professional works with the family of the mentally ill and bring in a team with experience with mental illness, all trying to engage the client that may not be willing to work on their illness.
  • For older adults, one program is called EMAS- Elder Multicultural Access and Supports Surfaces.
  • Beginning to experience the first signs of mental health issues, mostly depression, lack of interest. Many of these individuals are not interested in the programs available. EMASS has taken the activities that they do enjoy and turned it into something they do enjoy being involved in. They want to prevent the more serious aspects of mental illness.

Segment 2 Guests

  • Anita volunteers and works for NAMI. She has a son with a mental illness.
  • Cathleen of Sacramento. She works for NAMI and has been mentally ill for over 25 years.
  • Ellen is with Impact Young Adults, a peer run non profit for young adults with mental illness program.
  • NAMI has family to family and peer to peer programs, both funded by mental services acts.
  • These programs definitely work! It gives people hope that there is a life past the illness.
  • Impact Young Adults give young adults a place to get the help they need without feeling out of place while being surrounded by older people.
  • We come together because of our illnesses, but we stay because we are people. The thing that works for young people is to not bring it up, but for the conversation to come up naturally.

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