On The Road At The Inaugural Stigma Reduction Conference In San Francisco with Dr. Patrick Corrigan Who Talks Anti-Stigma Research and Strategies. Dr. David Pating, Chief Addiction Medicine Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, and Dr. Deborah Lee, Consulting Psychologist Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission Talk About Anger with Jennifer Whitney.

The Free Your Mind Projects were invited to join Kathleen Piche’ and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health in a presentation about using media in a creative manner to increase discussion and decrease stigma surrounding mental illness at the Conference put on by the Mental Health Association of San Francisco.   We spoke with noted “guru” of stigma research and elimination, and noted author and Professor,  Dr. Patrick Corrigan about his “contact” model, and his opinion on celebrity involvement.    Returning favorites Dr. David Pating and Dr. Deborah Lee join us to discuss ANGER! With Jennifer Whitney.  You hear about anger all the time and its sometimes devastating effects.   Today, learn what anger is telling your body…what you can do…and what you should NOT do in dealing with anger management on our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment!

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