Parents and Siblings of problem juveniles get help from “Stop The Cycle”



Theresa’s son was having problems with the law and eventually got on probation about a year ago. As a concerned parent with limited resources, guidance and support, Theresa turned to the courts and probation to ask for help dealing with her son’s situation while meeting the needs of her other children. Probation referred Theresa to a program called “Stop The Cycle” a Prevention and Intervention program funded by Prop 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), to help the parents and siblings of youth involved in the juvenile justice system.


Theresa reports that the program taught her communication and consequences; it taught her how to talk with her children and show them love. It also taught her patience and how to give encouragement to her son and build his self esteem.


Program participants meet once a week, two hours a day, for 12 weeks. They are given books to read, assignments to complete, lectures and group discussions to participate in.


“The program is very positive, there is no judgment from anyone. Everyone respects each other’s opinions. The program gave me confidence and knowledge to work with all my kids. Before I used to scream at them and now I have learned to talk with them. Everyone in the house is more cooperative and relaxed. I love this program and feel so happy that it exists. This program helps a lot of parents,” Theresa says.


Soon after successfully completing the 12-week program, Theresa decided to volunteer her time and become a mentor for the participating families. “I volunteered because this program helped me a lot and changed my life. This program has changed the lives of many families and I hope it always stays here.”

–Orange County

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