Professional support at IMPACT helps Tara “quiet her brain”


Tara is a 40 year old, Caucasian female diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder and Polysubstance Dependence.  Tara has a traumatic history of victimization, self-injurious behavior and has been in and out of the criminal justice system.  When Tara came to the program, she had been living in a bathroom stall in Mission Beach.  Symptoms of her mental illness that contributed to her history of homelessness include:  depression, mania, suicidal ideation, auditory and visual hallucinations and paranoia.  Since her enrollment with IMPACT, Tara believes she has found the professional support needed to help her be successful and has the right medication regimen that has “quieted my brain”.  She is able to resume her relationship with her mother which she has not had for five years.  She’s also able to communicate her thoughts and feelings about her mental health issues to her family, which she reports she has never been able to do before. Tara has also resumed previous hobbies of painting and writing, including being published in a magazine.  She has also enrolled in college to pursue a degree in Art and Literature.


Tara recently wrote IMPACT a letter and reflected on her progress: “I am able to reflect back at my life and remember the good much more than when I could only remember the bad. I am no longer different, rather, I am a member of a community, a mental health community, of individuals just like myself.  I believe today that due to my mental health issues and triumphs I am a tremendous contributor to the world around me.”  Tara has been able to maintain an apartment and has remained out of the justice system.

–San Diego County

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