Quinn excels in Work First program

Quinn started participating in the Work First program in April 2011. He moved into Casa Pacific after 5 months in locked care. He has a long history of hospitalizations and time in locked care facilities. When entering Work First, he was socially internal would often isolate in a social settings. He is now outgoing, supportive and communicative with his peers. When Quinn entered Work First, his goals were: to find a job and to live independently. He has worked hard to achieve these goals and more. Quinn is motivated to work on the work crew every day. He arrives on time, brings his lunch, has a positive attitude and works hard. He successfully graduated from Casa Pacific and moved into independent housing in August 2011, where he has been successful.

From day one, Quinn has been a positive, supportive and active member of our programs. He has been able to built healthy, supportive relationships with peers and staff members. On the CRP work crew, Quinn has completed more than 150 total workdays. Quinn has been consistent and committed to our programs. He has only missed a few days due to scheduled appointments and vacations.

This has been the longest period of time that Quinn has remained out of a higher level of care. He is committed to working the program and being part of the Work First community. He is supportive and social with his peers in the programs and offers support and guidance to new members. He has excelled with community integration and socialization. He mentions that he would be at home all day every day if he weren’t part of our programs. He is a role model for all other participants of our programs.

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