Rick Springfield Really IS a “Profile of Hope”

Recently,  for our radio show,  Wendy sat down with Rick Springfield in his recording studio during a break in filming of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s continuing “Profiles of Hope” television series which was created by the County’s Public Information Office a few years ago to help to break stigma and educate people about mental illness.

A couple of things were striking about the interview,  and LACDMH PIO Kathleen Piche’ summed it up on our show:  “We think these people have perfect lives.   I don’t think anyone has a PERFECT life.”

And its true.   You look at Rick Springfield and his incredible success as an actor, musician, husband, father and writer and you think that he is someone who probably walks around with his own personal sunshine!

But,  as you will see if you watch the “Profiles Of Hope”  (to be completed and released in the next few weeks),  Rick has dealt with depression all of his life.  In fact,  he attempted suicide when he was very young, and was extremely fortunate that the rope with which he attempted to hang himself broke.

In the interview,  Rick talks about how most of his creative work comes from that place marked by his battles with depression.   Indeed,  the song “Jessie’s Girl”,  was created because he pined after a young lady who “didn’t even know he was there” and wouldn’t give him the time of day.

He talked about the importance of addressing depression, and as he said,  “everyone has their own journey”, but that he thought that therapy, or at least talking it out with a friend is a great start.  You also can hear his dog and our dog…both providing their own therapy…chime in!

He talked about the importance of having a dog,  and the incredible loss he felt when he lost a longtime pet friend,  in fact it was the dog seen on the cover of the platinum selling “Working Class Dog”.

There’s too much to tell and too much to see, and we encourage you to check out Los Angeles County DMH’s “Profiles of Hope”, featuring Rick Springfield,  award-winning director Paris Barclay, and actress, author and advocate Mariel Hemingway when it airs in Los Angeles on KLCS 58,  LA’s PBS station,  and then will be housed at  www.dmh.lacounty.gov  and there will be a link on our site as well.

For Wendy,  interviewing Rick Springfield was certainly a thrill, and you can hear her bubble over!   For viewers of “Profiles Of Hope”, and listeners to our show,  Rick certainly breaks the stigma of how people think about mental health issues like depression.

BTW – if you’re a big music fan,  you’ll definitely want to check out the “Profiles” as Rick plays guitar, cuts you’ve never heard before,  on the show.

Check out his new  CD too….really great stuff on “Songs For the End of The World”  at www.rickspringfield.com

Happy May is Mental Health Month!

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