Ryan learns to control his aggression

“Ryan” began attending this center about a month before [services began], right after having been expelled from a different center. At the previous center, Ryan had been highly aggressive, very defiant and argumentative, and quite disruptive. Many of the children were afraid of Ryan, and no one would play with him. None of the teacher’s interventions helped improve Ryan’s conduct. Ryan made significant social/emotional gains at the center during the period of time he was involved with our program. His aggression decreased dramatically. He became much less argumentative and much more cooperative. Ryan also became able to participate fully in the classroom activities, and required less time to transition between them. Ryan improved his ability to express his distress in words rather than demonstrating it in problematic ways through actions. He also recovers from being upset much more quickly now. Perhaps more importantly, Ryan has made friends with a few children in class who seek out his companionship. He also appears much happier, more relaxed, and more playful. At the beginning of my work at the center, the teachers expressed great concerns that Ryan would not be socially and/or emotionally ready to attend Kindergarten in the fall. Now, they all feel confident that he will.”

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