Staglin Festival Part 2 of 2

With Schizophrenia…sometimes people hear voices.   Now, Schizophrenia can hear footsteps right behind it….that’s because ground breaking research from scientists funded in large part through IMHRO and the Staglin Music Festival for Mental Health are finding breakthroughs in determining the disease early on…and thus finding treatments earlier.  We’re joined again by UCLA’s Ty Cannon,  as well as Andrew Pieper from UT Southwestern and a Staglin Music Festival Rising Star recipient, and Dr. Honjun Song from Johns Hopkins…also, a rising star recipient.  Where some scientists say "Why?"  These guys say, "Why Not?" and then vigorously prove their results.  Talk about Hope?  Wow!  Give a listen and find out why the Staglins are charting the path for the future of Schizophrenia and Mental Health Research!

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