Suicide is Preventable. That Is A Fact And It’s The Topic Of Our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment with Jennifer Whitney and Her Guest Anara Guard From The California Statewide “Know The Signs” Outreach Campaign. Dealing With Alzheimer’s Disease? It’s Tough. A New Film Tells A Very Personal Tale Of The Writer, Director, and Actor’s Experience. Meet “Angel’s Perch” Producers J.T. Arbogast and Kim Dilts.

In this very important show,   suicide prevention expert and consultant to the “Know the Signs” outreach campaign in California,  Anara Guard joins Jennifer Whitney to talk about suicide prevention.  Who is most at risk?  Why?  What is the goal of this campaign?  What can be done to prevent suicide?  Jen has the questions and Anara has the answers.   Getting an independent film produced is not easy.  It’s even harder to attract top line Hollywood talent.   But Scrappy Cat Productions J.T. Arbogast and Kim Dilts did exactly that in their film “Angel’s Perch”  which they literally “kickstarted” into production.   On this show,  they talk about J.T.’s Grandmother’s story that was the genesis for this film, and the impact that the condition has on family, friends and the community.   You can also find out more and make donations to their film at

For more information on suicide prevention, visit the Know The Signs campaign:

If you are currently in crisis though,  or know someone who is,   please call 9-1-1 and get immediate help.

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