The support of the staff at Wheelock helps Dawn to become more independent

At age 22, Dawn has been in the mental health system much of her life and currently resides at Wheelock Residential board and care. Besides her diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, Dawn suffers from extremely low self-confidence and a general fear of novel situations. For many years, she has been afraid to leave her home on her own and afraid of using public transportation.

However, Dawn has a long term goal of living independently and because of this and a great deal of staff support and training, she has made great strides in the last 4 or 5 months towards her goal. Staff began pairing her up with another resident to ride the bus, but recently she has been riding the bus on her own. She recently used public transportation to go to her doctor’s appointment for the first time.

Also,Dawn has been working to cook for herself and recently reached the point where she has been making nearly half of the dinners and lunches she eats. Until recently, she was not comfortable shopping by herself, but that too has changed in the last few weeks as she has recently done her own grocery shopping without assistance.

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