The truth and the facts behind Proposition 63

Executive Director of the MHA in California and Prop. 63 co-author Rusty Selix joins Jennifer this week on our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Show. According to a recent survey by NAMI California, there are more than 1600 Prop. 63 funded initiatives, all designed to make a difference to the more than two million Californians affected by potentially disabling mental illness, and many of the programs with the goal of Prevention and Early Intervention of Mental Illness. We’ve had both people with lived experience as well as providers on our Free Your Mind Projects show and they have shared their own personal stories about how their lives have changed, largely because of programs which have been created or able to expand with Prop. 63 funding. Rusty Selix joins Jennifer to clearly explain Prop. 63. To find other Prop. 63 stories by people with lived experience and providers, click on the Prop. 63 link on our site.

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