Tom Hanks and Glenn Close Are Making a Difference At One Mind For Research Event! Dr. David Pating Joins Jennifer Whitney To Talk About Substance Abuse and Healthcare Reform.

We’ve highlighted various leaders, inspirational people, celebrities, and great organizations making a difference.  This week, in our spotlight,  Wendy is joined by Tom Hanks and Glenn Close talking about   and www.bringchange2mind.   On the heels of Memorial Day,  we thought that these resources are a great reminder of organizations which are putting our military personnel’s mental health, front and center for research and anti-stigma campaigns.  BringChange2Mind also just launched a new PSA featuring the Close family!   Dr.  David Pating,  Chief Addiction Medicine, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, joins Jennifer to talk about a few very important issues:  substance abuse and healthcare reform,  specifically,  how it affects mental health.   A very important Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action segment in understanding the future of healthcare reform and how it affects you in California.

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