Tony’s success story: TAY therapists help Tony gain trust


“Tony”—When it comes to success stories, there are several clients that I can think of who have had major and minor successes; their being in treatment may have planted seeds that will hopefully grow in years to come.  One such TAY client is Tony, who continues to remain a client at the program.  He recently completed a medical assisting program.  This young man has had a long history of anxiety, depression and social phobia. For a long time he would display inappropriate attention-seeking behavior.  As a therapist we had difficulty establishing rapport due to his lack of trust.  Over the past few months he has gradually shown an increase in positive interactions, asking for sessions, calling to report needs and concerns and positive attention seeking.  He has shifted to talking about more positive activities that he is doing and being open about his fears.  I recently attended his graduation, which was a major achievement for him.  To add to all of this positive progress, this young man recently called me and reported that he is starting a new internship for his medical work today and he wanted to receive some modeling for how he can handle himself and interact with others.  Tony will need to continue to work at managing his mental health and improving his ability to socialize and interact with others.  What is so rewarding for me and so life-changing for him is that he is pushing forward and finding a way to reach his goals.

–Fresno County

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