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“Profiles of Hope” TV series aired with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

We developed this series of videos to be aired on KLCS in Los Angeles for the May is Mental Health month. The “Profiles of Hope” lets everyone know that there is hope out there no matter what you’re dealing with. People such as Maurice Benard from General Hospital talks about being Bipolar and many others joined in with their personal stories of hope. We are continually developing series and films to be distributed out to the general public with positive messages. Contact us here if you have anything you’d like to submit.

Maurice Benard Mariette Hartley

Robert Hall

LADMH “Profiles In Hope” video featuring Myra, a special guest on the Free Your Mind Projects Radio Show

Choices in Recovery
Living with Schizophrenia: A Call for Hope and Recovery with Janssen Pharmaceutica

Millions of Americans are living with schizophrenia. This is a serious mental health condition but help is available to support the recovery process.

This film tells three inspiring stories of real people living with schizophrenia. They are united by the hope and empowerment they have gained with support from their unique recovery teams. They share a common message that people with schizophrenia can have a meaningful life.

Their stories serve as a reminder that people living with schizophrenia deserve respect and hope along their journey.


SAMHSA Voice Awards

The Voice Awards honor film and television writers and producers who incorporate dignified, respectful, and accurate portrayals of people with mental illnesses into their scripts, programs, and productions. The awards also recognize the accomplishments of consumer leaders who have been instrumental in both raising awareness and understanding of mental health issues and promoting the social inclusion of people with mental health problems.

2011 Television Show Winner

glee - SAMHSA Voice Award Winner

Writers: Tanya Biank, Cynthia Cohen, Rebecca Dameron, Deb Fordham, Katherine Fugate, Dee Johnson, Rama Laurie Stagner, Karen Maser, Jeff Melvoin, Diane Messina Stanley, T.D. Mitchell, John E. Pogue, Jennifer Schuur, James Stanley, Nick Thiel, Bruce Zimmerman

Producers: Harry V. Bring, Cynthia Cohen, Barbara D’Alessandro, Deb Fordham, Katherine Fugate, Mark Gordon, Gil Grant, Celia Hamel, Dee Johnson, Erick J. Kovars, Rama Laurie Stagner, Karen Maser, Jeff Melvoin, Diane Messina Stanley, Marshall Persinger, Alex Shevchenko, Deborah Spera, James Stanley, Nick Thiel, Bruce Zimmerman

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