Video Games Help Seniors

A study that was released Wednesday by the Journal Nature had 16 healthy elderly volunteers train on a specially designed video game to see if it would improve cognitive function boosting mental skills for older people.  The volunteers, (ages 60-85) showed improvement in multitasking, staying focused, and retaining information, powers that usually decline with age.

Although it’s noted that bigger studies would be needed to figure out where this applies for actually helping people improve daily functions,  ’Art Kramer, a neuroscientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, called the work a promising first step toward a possible therapy. Scientists still have to demonstrate the results will hold up with larger groups of test subjects, he said.’

‘Specialized, brain training  video games might one day be able to boost mental abilities not only for healthy adults of middle age or older, but also children with attention deficit disorder, people with post-traumatic stress disorder or brain injury and older adults with depression or dementia, he said in an interview.’

Summarized from:  Video game boosts mental abilities in older folks  Associated Press, published sep 4, 2013

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