We “Forge” Ahead In Mental Health Discussions With Filmmaker Eric Lim. Amanda Lipp, NAMI California Joins Jennifer Whitney On Our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment.

The after effects of suicide for remaining loved ones are devastating.  For Eric Lim,  he set out to not only create a memorial to his beloved sister’s life,  but to help others and hopefully prevent another young life such as his sister’s from being taken.   “The Forge” in just under six minutes,  weaves a touching memorial to Eric’s sister along with a powerful journey through the pain and madness which surround the situation.  Check it out at  www.foranybodyhurting.com

Amanda Lipp is a Free Your Mind Projects favorite and an inspirational story!  Amanda candidly shares her story,  and find out why she felt compelled to direct traffic and giveaway her favorite musical instrument,  and now how she’s helping others!

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